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These make a great addition to any of your baked goods holiday gifts!  Quantity depends on size selected at checkout.  Printed on high quality edible icing sheet with high quality edible inks.

Made to order. Circles come pre-cut. Easy to use and stores for at least 6 months!

Christmas Custom Cookie Toppers

  • Icing sheets are edible sheets that made out of icing that melt right onto your frosting! You can use buttercream, frosting or any other cream based icing. Not suitable for fondant as it will not melt onto your fondant. 

    - Please store your icing sheet in the original package that it will be shipped to you in until you need to use it. DO NOT store in refrigerator as it will cause your icing sheet to dry and crackle. 

    - Please store in a DRY place in it's original bag, away from direct sunlight or heat source. Store in a place within 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

    - Whenever you are ready to use your edible image, simply remove it from it's bag, remove the cellophane backing and place on top of your cake.

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